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Overview of best practices for OpenTelemetry with New Relic

Setting up OpenTelemetry and getting the most from it can be a challenge. To help you optimize your experience, we've created these best practice guides. If you're trying to resolve a specific problem, see our troubleshooting guide.

First, we have an End-to-end implementation guide for OpenTelemetry and New Relic, which gives you in-depth guidance for ensuring you've integrated OpenTelemetry and New Relic optimally.

Other best practice guides include:

  • Alerts: Notify yourself about problems by using alerts.
  • Attribute lengths: Stay within the limits for attribute names and values.
  • Batching: Use batching to avoid rate limiting.
  • Browser: Avoid exposing license keys in browser applications.
  • Compression: Maximize your payloads.
  • Logs: Send logs to New Relic using OpenTelemetry tooling.
  • Metrics: Explore how OpenTelemetry metrics are processed in New Relic.
  • Resources: Use resources for the entity generating telemetry data.
  • Traces: See some requirements and options for traces and spans.
  • Versions: Learn more about supported versions.
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