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Overview of best practices for OpenTelemetry with New Relic

OpenTelemetry can be complex, so to make sure you're optimizing your experience with New Relic, review our best practices. For information about resolving specific issues, see our troubleshooting guide.

  • Alerts: Notify yourself about problems by using alerts
  • Attribute lengths: Stay within the limits for attribute names and values
  • Batching: Use batching to avoid rate limiting
  • Browser: Avoid exposing license keys in browser applications
  • Compression: Maximize your payloads
  • Logs: Send logs to New Relic using OpenTelemetry tooling
  • Metrics: Explore how OpenTelemetry metrics are processed in New Relic
  • Resources: Use resources for the entity generating telemetry data
  • Traces: See some requirements and options for traces and spans


As the OpenTelemetry Protocol matures and more components are declared stable, we intend to move the version supported by our OTLP endpoints from v0.10.0 to a more recent release, at least v0.16.0, before September 2022.

Additional communication will be forthcoming regarding the EOL timeline for v0.10.0 support and actions you can take to minimize disruption as the community moves toward a more stable release of OTLP.

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