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OpenTelemetry and attribute lengths: Best practices

New Relic's limits on attributes apply to data from any source, including OTLP-sourced data. See metric attribute limits and event attribute limits for other limits:

  • Maximum length of attribute name: 255 characters
  • Maximum length of attribute value: 4095 characters
  • Maximum size of attribute array value: 64 entries

If a span attribute exceeds the limit, you can use span limits environment variables to configure the maximum length(s). If a resource attribute is the offender, you can set OTEL_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTES=<offending-attribute>=unset to override it.

Not all language SDKs support the span limits environment variables, so it depends on which language you're using. If your language doesn't support these, we recommend that you open a GitHub issue for it in the respective language SDK repo so that the OpenTelemetry community can resolve it.

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