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recordBreadcrumb (Android SDK API)


NewRelic.recordBreadcrumb(string $Name, map<string, object> $eventAttributes)

Records a MobileBreadcrumb event, useful for crash analysis.


Agent version 5.13.0 or higher.


This call creates and records a MobileBreadcrumb event, which can be queried with NRQL and in the crash event trail. Mobile breadcrumbs are useful for crash analysis; they should be created for app activity that may be helpful for troubleshooting crashes.

In addition to whatever custom attributes you choose, the event will also have associated session attributes. Unlike with using setAttribute, adding attributes to a breadcrumb event adds them only to that event; they are not session attributes.

For related Android SDK API calls, see Send custom attributes and events.






Required. The name you want to give to the breadcrumb event.


map<string, object>

Optional. A map that includes a list of attributes of the breadcrumb event. Create attributes for any event descriptors you think will be useful.

Return values

Returns true if the event is recorded successfully, or false if not.


Simple breadcrumb event call

Map attributes = new HashMap();
attributes.put("attributeName1", "value1");
attributes.put("attributeName1", 2);
boolean eventRecorded = NewRelic.recordBreadcrumb("Name", attributes);
Map attributes = new HashMap();
attributes.put("button", "sign-in");
attributes.put("location", "LaunchFragment");
NewRelic.recordBreadcrumb("user tapped sign in button", attributes);
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