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Geography page for mobile apps

The Geography page shows your mobile users' experience as a world view, including:

  • Color-coded response times
  • Network requests (calls per minute)
  • Data transfer size
  • Active devices
  • Network failure rates

You can also drill down to detailed information about each country.


The Geography feature is not the same as the Map feature. The Map page shows an architectural view of the relationship between a mobile app and its related services.

Viewing the Geography page

To view or sort the mobile response time by country:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Mobile > (select an app) > Network > Geography.
  2. To change the information that appears (including response time, requests per minute, total transfer size, active devices, or network failure rate), select your choice from the Sort by menu.
  3. To adjust the amount of information that appears, select Hide < 1% throughput.
  4. To view summary information about a location, mouse over any area in color on the map, or mouse over the country's name on the list.

To drill down into detailed information, use any applicable platform UI features.

Viewing drill-down details

To view detailed information about a specific location (including average response time, calls per minute, active devices, and network failure by type), select its location on the Geography page's map, or select its name on the list.

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