Carriers page

The Carriers page for New Relic Mobile includes charts that show your users' wireless carriers and their response time impact, error rate, and active sessions for the selected time period. Wifi is included as a carrier. From here you can sort and drill down into detailed information about specific carriers.

Viewing the Carriers page

screen mobile carriers.png > (select an app) > Network > Carriers: Use this page to view, sort, or drill down into detailed information about your users' mobile carriers by response time impact, network failures, and active sessions.

To view your users' mobile carriers:

  1. Go to > (select an app) > Network > Carriers.
  2. To change the information that appears (including response time, active devices, or network errors), select your choice from the Sort by menu.
  3. To adjust the amount of information that appears, select Hide < 1% throughput.
  4. To select the mobile app versions or time period, use the Versions menu and time picker below the New Relic menu bar.
  5. To view details for a specific carrier, select its name.

Use any of New Relic's standard user interface functions and page functions to drill down into detailed information.

screen mobile carriers details.png > (select an app) > Network > Carriers > (select a carrier): Here is an example of wifi details, including HTTP response time, network failures, and active sessions for the selected time period.

For more help

Additional documentation resources include:

  • Errors for mobile apps (detailed charts and information about errors with mobile apps)
  • Devices page (performance details about the top devices using your mobile application)
  • Versions analysis (seven-day report with a color-coded chart for mobile app usage, plus a table that summarizes mobile versions, date created, and averages)
  • Monthly uniques report (bar charts showing the number of devices running your mobile app over the past 12 months)

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: