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Version trends: compare user adoption metrics and performance

Understanding the health of your mobile app empowers your team to make smarter and more efficient choices with each new version. To track changes in your mobile app, New Relic provides version trend data in the mobile monitoring UI. Here you can compare performance across the most recent versions of your mobile app using the version trends report. You have access to the key data points you need to analyze the impact of improvements, fixes, and degradations for each version. You can compare usage, adoption, and technical metrics.


To collect version trend information for your mobile app, make sure your agent version is:

To view the version trends report go to one.newrelic.com > Mobile > (select an app) > App > Version trends.

Each new version of your mobile app is compared against the previous version. For a selected time period, the version trends report compares the performance increases and decreases of your app versions against the previous version.

For example, use the timepicker dropdown to select default or custom time periods to query:

Understanding version trend details

After you launch a new version of your mobile app you can use the version trends report to compare performance and user adoption. You can also measure the health of your app through key metrics like crash rates and HTTP errors.

Query version trend data

When querying with NRQL, we provide two attributes to help analyze version trend information:

  • To track when a session includes a new install or a new upgrade, use install. This attribute records true for new installations.
  • To track the last version of the mobile app when an upgrade is detected, use upgradeFrom.

To use these attributes, make sure your version of our Android agent or iOS agent supports them.

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