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Alerts page for mobile apps

When the alert conditions you set for your mobile app's error rates and response times cross a threshold for an extended period, the mobile monitoring agent will create a Warning (yellow) or Critical (red) problem event. If a Critical (red) event has been open for several minutes, mobile will send an alert notification to users who have been set up to receive alert notifications. It will also send a notification when all Critical events close.

To view the Alerts page: Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Mobile > (select an app) > App > Alerts.

Alerts page details

Each alert notification includes the alert icon and summary information. Use any of our applicable UI features to drill down into detailed information. In addition, use any of these options:

If you want to...

Do this

View details about a specific alert

From the Alerts page, select the alert's link.

View details about errors

Select the alert's Event link.

View details about HTTP requests

Mouse over the HTTP response time chart.

View details about network errors

Mouse over the HTTP/network errors chart.

Change the alert settings

From the Alerts page, select the Change alert thresholds link.


From the selected alert, select the Configure link.

Search for alerts

From the Alerts page, use the Filter text box.

View the Alerts page for your other applications (not just mobile apps)

From the alerts page, select the All alerts link. To go directly to this page: Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Alerts & AI > Alert history.

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