Receive email notifications for unique crashes

When your mobile app has a new kind of crash, you want to know what went wrong so you can prevent that type of error in the future. New Relic Mobile emails you when a unique crash is detected.

This document describes how to enable/disable crash reports, either for yourself or for an entire app.

View crash reporting settings

To see crash reporting settings:

  1. Go to > (account dropdown) > User preferences.
  2. Look at the Mobile crash reporting section.

Turn notifications on/off for your personal account

To turn crash report notifications on or off for your own account:

  1. Go to > (account dropdown) > User preferences.
  2. From the Mobile crash reporting section, toggle the box for I want to receive email notifications for new crashes.
  3. Select Save email preferences.

The email notification will provide information about the selected mobile app's crash, as well as a direct link to the crash report in the New Relic Mobile user interface.

If you are not receiving notifications when you expect them, it may be because an Admin or Owner has disabled the app's crash reporting.

Turn crash reporting on/off for an entire app

Owners and Admins

When you set up New Relic Mobile to monitor an app, you will receive crash reports by default. You can disable these notifications on a per-app basis for all users in your account:

  1. Go to > (account dropdown) > User preferences.
  2. Under the Mobile crash reporting section, mouse over a mobile app name and you will see Edit application settings. Select it.
  3. This will take you to the application's Settings UI page. Toggle the Enable crash report emails for this application checkbox.

For more help

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