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JSON message is not parsed


When JSON content is sent in the message field, it's not automatically parsed and is not being stored as attributes (key-value pairs). Instead, the content remains in the message. It also may be truncated if the message exceeds the character limit.


Reasons this may be happening:

  • If the content is not a valid JSON, it won't be parsed. Instead it will be stored as a string and truncated if it exceeds the character limit.
  • The content is a valid JSON but "stringified" with escape characters. If that's the case, it will first be evaluated as a string, meaning that it will be truncated to 4096 characters before being evaluated as JSON. The result of the truncation will be invalid JSON, and the data will be stored as a string.

To solve this problem: send messages containing JSON that haven't been converted to a string. This content will be parsed even if the total length exceeds the character limit. If the JSON contains arrays, they'll be flattened and stored as unparsed strings.

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