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Forward logs from Google Cloud Platform

We support two different methods to forward your logs from a Google Cloud Platform Pub/Sub topic to New Relic.

Select an option

The following may help you decide which option is best for your business needs.

GCP log forwarding options


Headerless API

  • Best suited for low log volumes, since it performs one API call for each log record it sends.
  • Does not incur any extra cost to your GCP subscription.
  • If your log volume increases, this solution might hit the quota limits of your New Relic account.

Dataflow job

  • Best suited for larger log volumes, since it groups log records in batches before sending them to New Relic.
  • Reduces the number of API calls and allows you to reduce your quota usage.
  • May incur extra costs at your GCP subscription, due to the execution of a Dataflow job in your premises.

Use headerless API

To send your GCP logs to New Relic using our headerless API:

Use Dataflow job

To send your GCP logs to New Relic using a Dataflow job, you will use our Dataflow template. Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools on your local computer:

What's next?

Explore logging data across your platform with the New Relic One UI.

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