Azure Application Gateway monitoring integration

New Relic includes an integration for reporting your Azure App Gateway data to our platform. Here we explain how to activate the integration and what data it collects.

Activate the integration

To enable the integration follow standard procedures to activate your Azure service.

Configuration and polling

You can change the polling frequency and filter data using configuration options.

Default polling information for the Azure App Gateway integration:

  • New Relic polling interval: 5 minutes

Find and use data

To find your integration data in Infrastructure, go to > Infrastructure > Azure and select an integration.

Data is attached to the following event type:

Entity Event Type Provider
ApplicationGateway AzureApplicationGatewaySample AzureApplicationGateway

For more on how to use your data, see Understand and use integration data.

Metric data

This integration collects Azure App Gateway data for ApplicationGateway.

App Gateway ApplicationGateway data

Metric Unit Description


BytesPerSecond Number of bytes per second the Application Gateway has served


Count Number of unhealthy backend hosts


Count Number of healthy backend hosts


Count Count of successful requests that Application Gateway has served


Count Average request count per minute per healthy backend host in a pool


Count Count of failed requests that Application Gateway has served


Count Http response status returned by Application Gateway


Count Count of current connections established with Application Gateway


CountPerSecond New connections per second established with Application Gateway


Percent Current CPU utilization of the Application Gateway


Count Capacity Units consumed


Count Minimum capacity units that will be charged


Count Estimated capacity units that will be charged


Count Compute Units consumed


Count The number of HTTP response codes generated by the backend members. This does not include any response codes generated by the Application Gateway.


Count The number of TLS and non-TLS requests initiated by the client that established connection with the Application Gateway. To view TLS protocol distribution, filter by the dimension TLS Protocol.


Bytes The total number of bytes sent by the Application Gateway to the clients


Bytes The total number of bytes received by the Application Gateway from the clients


Milliseconds Average round trip time between clients and Application Gateway. This metric indicates how long it takes to establish connections and return acknowledgements


Milliseconds Average time that it takes for a request to be processed and its response to be sent. This is calculated as average of the interval from the time when Application Gateway receives the first byte of an HTTP request to the time when the response send operation finishes. It's important to note that this usually includes the Application Gateway processing time, time that the request and response packets are traveling over the network and the time the backend server took to respond.


Milliseconds Time spent establishing a connection with a backend server


Milliseconds Time interval between start of establishing a connection to backend server and receiving the first byte of the response header, approximating processing time of backend server


Milliseconds Time interval between start of establishing a connection to backend server and receiving the last byte of the response body


Count Web Application Firewall v1 Total Rule Distribution for the incoming traffic


Count Web Application Firewall v1 blocked requests rule distribution


Count Web Application Firewall v1 blocked requests count

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: