Azure App Service monitoring integration

Access to this feature depends on your subscription level. Requires Infrastructure Pro.

New Relic Infrastructure provides an integration for Microsoft Azure App Service that reports data from Azure Apps Service to New Relic products. This document explains how to activate this integration and describes the data that can be captured.


An Azure App Service is a service for hosting and running web applications, REST APIs, and mobile back ends in a fully managed platform. New Relic's integration for Azure App Service reports metric data about your Web Apps, including:

  • Number of requests received
  • Number of HTTP responses and errors

It also collects inventory data about the service's status and configuration. Using New Relic, you can:

  • View Azure Storage data in pre-built Infrastructure dashboards.
  • Run custom queries and visualize the data in New Relic Insights.
  • Create alert conditions to notify you of changes in Storage data.

Activate integration

Anyone can view and explore the Azure data reporting to your New Relic Infrastructure account.

Only Owner, Admins, or Infrastructure add-on managers can manage the Azure integrations.

To enable the integration:

  1. Make sure you have installed the Infrastructure agent before you activate Azure integrations from your Infrastructure account.
  2. Follow standard procedures to activate your Azure service in New Relic Infrastructure.

Configuration and polling

You can change the polling frequency and filter data using configuration options.

New Relic Infrastructure integrations query your Azure App Services according to a default polling interval, which varies depending on the integration. Polling frequency for the Azure App Services integration:

  • Polling interval: 5 minutes
  • Resolution: 1 data point per minute

Find and use data

To explore your integration data in Infrastructure, go to > Integrations > (select an integration).

The event types in New Relic Insights are:

  • AzureAppServiceWebAppSample: Represents each of the Azure App Service Web Apps in the account. Inventory data has a provider value of AzureAppServiceWebApp.
  • AzureAppServiceHostNameSample: Represents each of the domain names bound to a Web App that can be used for accessing it. Inventory data has a provider value of AzureAppServiceHostName.

Metric data

The Azure App Service integration reports the following metric data.


Metric Description
appConnections Average number of connections.


Average memory working set, in bytes.


Average response time, in seconds.


Total CPU time, in seconds.
currentAssemblies Average number of current assemblies.
handles Average handle count.
gen0Collections Total number of Gen 0 garbage collections.
gen1Collections Total number of Gen 1 garbage collections.
gen2Collections Total number of Gen 2 garbage collections.


Total number of HTTP responses 101.


Total number of HTTP responses 200-299.


Total number of HTTP responses 300-399.


Total number of HTTP responses 401.


Total number of HTTP responses 403.


Total number of HTTP responses 404.


Total number of HTTP responses 406.


Total number of HTTP responses 400-499.


Total number of HTTP server errors 500-599.
ioOtherBytesPerSecond Total number of IO Other bytes per second.
ioOtherOperationsPerSecond Total number of IO Other operations per second.
ioReadBytesPerSecond Total number of IO Read bytes per second.
ioReadOperationsPerSecond Total number of IO Other operations bytes per second.
ioWriteBytesPerSecond Total number of IO Write bytes per second.
ioWriteOperationsPerSecond Total number of IO Other operations bytes per second.
memoryWorkingSetBytes Total bytes of memory working set.
privateBytes Average number of private bytes.
requests Total number of requests to the app.
requestsInApplicationQueue Average number of requests in application queue.
receivedBytes Total number of bytes received by the app.
sentBytes Total number of bytes sent by the app.
threads Average number of threads.
totalAppDomains Total App domains.
totalAppDomainsUnloaded Total App domains unloaded.

Inventory data

The Azure App Service integration reports the following inventory data about your system's state and configuration.


  • alwaysOn
  • availabilityState
  • clientAffinityEnabled
  • clientCertEnabled
  • containerSize
  • defaultDocuments
  • detailedErrorLoggingEnabled
  • enabled
  • hostNamesDisabled
  • httpLoggingEnabled
  • isPremiumApp
  • linuxFxVersion
  • loadBalancing
  • logsDirectorySizeLimit
  • managedPipelineMode
  • netFrameworkVersion
  • numberOfWorkers
  • operatingSystem
  • phpVersion
  • platformArchitecture
  • regionName
  • remoteDebuggingEnabled
  • resourceGroupName
  • scmSiteAlsoStopped
  • scmType
  • state
  • type
  • usageState>
  • vnetName


  • dnsRecordType
  • hostNameType
  • hostType
  • webAppName
  • name
  • providerAccountId
  • providerAccountName
  • sslState
  • virtualIp

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