Infrastructure integration dashboards and charts

A New Relic Infrastructure integration provides you with a dashboard containing several data charts. This document explains where the data comes from and what you can do with dashboards and charts.

Integration dashboards

New Relic Infrastructure integrations come with pre-built dashboards with metrics and inventory data from the monitored service.

To find your dashboards: Go to and look for your service. Most on-host integrations (like NGINX, Redis, MySQL) are under Third party services.

New Relic Infrastructure MySQL integration dashboards > Third party services > MySQL dashboard: New Relic Infrastructure provides pre-built dashboards for integration data. This screenshot shows the MySQL integration dashboard.

Behind the scenes, integration charts are generated by NRQL queries of integration data. Every chart includes an option to view and edit the NRQL query associated with it.

Chart functions

To see the options available for a data chart, hover over a chart and select the [ellipses icon] icon. Options include:

  • Add to dashboard: adds to an existing dashboard or a new one.
  • View query: displays the NRQL query that generated that chart.
  • Get as image: presents a publicly accessible URL for sharing the chart as an image.

For more help

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