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Rate limit alerts from Amazon


You are experiencing a massive increase of AWS usage in New Relic dashboards for your AWS account due to a high number of Amazon EC2 and/or ELB API calls. This manifests as a rate-limiting alert from Amazon. This may also result in an increase on your CloudWatch bill.


If you are experiencing throttling issues, try these solutions as applicable:

  1. Consider adjusting configuration settings for your Infrastructure agent.
  2. Disconnect the AWS integration that is causing throttling issues.
  3. Contact support.newrelic.com to disable calls being made on behalf of each AWS integration.


Infrastructure Amazon integrations query your AWS services according to polling intervals, which vary depending on the integration. Polling intervals ensure that your AWS data is up to date, and every AWS entity is polled during each interval.

  • Infrastructure's ELB integration performs calls to the Amazon ELB API.
  • Infrastructure's EC2, VPC, and EBS integrations perform calls to the Amazon EC2 API.

If you have a large amount of AWS integration entities, the polling interval can throttle the data being communicated between Amazon and New Relic. For example, if you have 200 Elastic Load Balancers, New Relic makes API calls to pull data on every one of those load balancers every five minutes.

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