Export Insights data to CSV file

In New Relic Insights, you can export data (maximum of 1,000 results per NRQL query) from any table chart to a comma-separated values (CSV) file. You can then use the .csv file in other applications such as Microsoft Excel.

Export table to .CSV file

Before downloading CSV data for Insights table charts, it's recommended you understand some important aspects of this feature:

  • CSV files can only be generated for table charts.
  • For charts with a time range dependent on the present moment (for example, "since 30 minutes ago"), CSV data is generated from the present moment, not from when the chart was initially generated. This means that a delay between chart load and the CSV file generation could result in data differences.
  • The query string must be shorter than 3 KB to export to CSV.

For other rules that apply to CSV files, see CSV file rules.

To generate a CSV file from a dashboard table chart: From a dashboard's table chart, select [ellipses icon], and select the CSV button.

To generate a CSV from a NRQL query: Run a query with the query tool. If the resultant chart is a table chart, select the CSV button.

Other CSV file rules

The exported CSV data adheres to these applied rules in the query or chart:

  • Insights filters: If a filter is applied to a dashboard, the download will only include the subset of data based on the filter.
  • Selected time range: If a specific fixed time range is selected, the CSV file includes the data for that time period.
  • Multi-attribute FACET queries: the export includes columns for all FACETs in the query.

Use API to retrieve data

You can also use the Insights query API to retrieve data. You can use this API to get around the 1,000 result limit by querying in 1,000 result chunks.

For more help

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