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Azure Event Grid Topics service through Azure Monitor integration

New Relic's integrations include an integration for reporting your Microsoft Azure Event Grid Topics metrics and other data to New Relic. This document explains how to activate the integration and describes the data reported.


Event Grid is a highly scalable, serverless event broker that you can use to integrate applications using events. Events are delivered by Event Grid to subscriber destinations such as applications, Azure services, or any endpoint to which Event Grid has network access. Event Grid topic provides an endpoint where the source sends events. A topic is used for a collection of related events. To respond to certain types of events, subscribers decide which topics to subscribe to.

Using New Relic, you can:

Activate integration

Follow standard Azure Monitor integration procedure to activate your Azure service in New Relic infrastructure monitoring.

Configuration and polling

You can change the polling frequency and filter data using configuration options.

New Relic queries your Azure Event Grid Topics services through the Azure Monitor integration according to a default polling interval.

Find and use data

To explore your integration data, go to one.newrelic.com/infra > Azure > (select an integration).

Metric data

This integration collects the following metric data:

Azure Event Grid Topics metrics




Total advanced filters evaluated across event subscriptions for this topic.


Total dead lettered events matching to this event subscription.


Total events failed to deliver to this event subscription.


Total events delivered to this event subscription.


Destination processing duration in milliseconds.


Total dropped events matching this event subscription.


Total events matched to this event subscription.


Total events failed to publish to this topic.


Total events published to this topic.


Publish success latency in milliseconds.


Total events not matching any of the event subscriptions for this topic.

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