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No data appears (Infrastructure)


You installed the infrastructure agent and waited a few minutes, but no data appears in the infrastructure UI.


Data should appear in the infrastructure monitoring UI within a few minutes for accounts with previously installed agents.


For accounts installing the infrastructure agent for the first time, the latency for data appearing in the infrastructure monitoring UI can be tens of minutes. If the following steps verify the installation and no obvious error conditions appear in the verbose logs, monitor the infrastructure UI for a longer period before contacting support.newrelic.com for assistance.


By default, the infrastructure agent doesn't send data about the operating system's processes. To enable the sending of process data set enable_process_metrics to true. To fine-tune which processes you want to monitor, configure include_matching_metrics.

Missing infrastructure data

If no data appears in the UI, try the following steps to diagnose the problem:

  1. Use your package manager to verify that the infrastructure agent is installed:

  2. Use your init system to verify that the agent is running:

  3. Use New Relic Diagnostics to try to automatically identify the issue.

  4. Verify that your newrelic-infra.yml configuration file contains a valid license_key setting.

  5. Verify that the host has a unique hostname, and verify that the hostname is not localhost. For more information, see this Support Forum post.

  6. Verify that no firewalls or proxies are blocking outbound connections from the agent process to the Infrastructure domains and ports.

  7. Confirm the host is reporting correctly even though it is not appearing in the infrastructure monitoring UI by creating a basic query in Query builder, like:

    SELECT * FROM SystemSample SINCE 60 minutes ago LIMIT 100

    Use the query results to note the timestamps, which show when the data was reported. To determine when data was first received, look at the earliest timestamp.

  8. Generate verbose logs and examine the logs for errors.

Missing integration data

If you are missing data from an integration, see troubleshooting procedures for:

Other factors affecting access

For more on factors that can affect your ability to access New Relic features, see Factors affecting access.

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