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AWS System Manager Distributor

Install New Relic's infrastructure agent on your AWS instances in a single click through our integration for AWS System Manager Distributor. This document explains the integrations features, how to activate it, and what data can be reported.


Collect and send telemetry data to New Relic from diverse AWS instances through a single click. New Relic's AWS System Manager Distributor integration installs our infrastrucutre agent on your AWS instances to allow you to quickly monitor your services, query incoming data, and build dashboards to observe everything at a glance.

Activate integration

To install the New Relic infrastructure agent through AWS System Manager Distributor:

  1. Place your New Relic license key in the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store. Specify /newrelic-infra/license as Name in the parameter field and choose the SecureString option in Type. Place your key in Value field.

  2. From the IAMV console create a role utilizing AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore policy.

  3. If the AMI being used for the instance(s) does not have AWS CLI agent preinstalled, install it manually:

    curl "https://awscli.amazonaws.com/awscli-exe-linux-{x86_64|aarch64}.zip" -o "awscliv2.zip"
    unzip awscliv2.zip
    sudo ./aws/install
  4. If the AMI does not have SSM agent preinstalled, install it manually or via a template:

    sudo yum install -y https://s3.{region}.amazonaws.com/amazon-ssm-{region}/latest/linux_amd64/amazon-ssm-agent.rpm
  5. On the Systems Manager interface select Third party and select the New-Relic-infrastructure-monitoring-agent tile.

  6. Choose your preffered installation, then select Run a command and in the Targets pane click Choose instances manually. Select all the instances you want to monitor and then click Run.

  7. Generate some traffic for your AWS instance, then wait a few minutes for your app to send data to New Relic.

  8. Explore your app's data in the our UI.

Configuration and polling

You can change the polling frequency and filter data using configuration options.

Default polling information for the AWS integrations:

  • New Relic polling interval: 5 minutes
  • Amazon CloudWatch data interval: 1 minute or 5 minutes

Find and use data

After you installed the New Relic infrastructure agent, you can adjust and tune the data flow coming from your instances.

To read more about how to find your data, see our Introduction to AWS integrations

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