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Introduction to Infinite Tracing

Some of our tracing solutions support our Infinite Tracing feature. Infinite Tracing is a fully managed cloud-based solution that can analyze 100% of your trace data and choose the most actionable data, letting you investigate and solve issues quickly.

This document only applies to our Infinite Tracing feature. For an overview of all distributed tracing options, see Enable distributed tracing.

What is Infinite Tracing?

Infinite Tracing allows you to send all your trace data to our cloud-based service and rely on Infinite Tracing to make sampling decisions. You can configure Infinite Tracing in various ways to ensure it's keeping the trace data you need to see.

Unlike our standard distributed tracing options, Infinite Tracing can process more trace data. It uses superior tail-based sampling (sampling after data is collected), as opposed to the head-based sampling that our standard tracing feature uses.

Resources for learning more about Infinite Tracing:


Requirements differ depending on your pricing plan:

  • New Relic One pricing: requires Pro or Enterprise edition.
  • Original pricing: requires New Relic help to enable it for your organization. For questions, contact your New Relic account representative.

Enable Infinite Tracing

When enabling Infinite Tracing, you should ideally enable it for all associated services. If you have a mix of Infinite Tracing and our standard tracing solutions enabled, traces will have configuration conflict issues.

To start setting up Infinite Tracing, and to see specific requirements, see the docs for these tools:

Configure Infinite Tracing

After enabling Infinite Tracing, there are various ways you can configure it to ensure it's keeping the data you want. See Configure.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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