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This API will work for any browser edition (Browser Lite, Pro, or Pro+SPA).


newrelic.setUserId(value: string|null)

Adds a user-defined identifier string to subsequent events on the page.


Agent version 1.230.0 or higher.


Upon executing this function with a valid value, the browser agent records the value as the enduser.id attribute with all events until the attribute is manually unset. The identifier will be stored in the browser, so that subsequent page visits of the same origin attach it on events within a session span. Note that this functionality may fluctuate depending on end-user browser privacy settings. If this function is called with a value = null, any existing user ID will be deleted from both the current page's events and the storage.

The ID will be attached to JavaScriptError events in particular for Errors Inbox usage. If you are using SPA monitoring with a compatible agent version, user ID will also be included in newrelic.interaction events.





string OR null

Required. A string identifier for the end-user, useful for tying all browser events to specific users. The value parameter does not have to be unique. If IDs should be unique, the caller is responsible for that validation.

Passing a null value unsets any existing user ID.


Marking an end user's "start of session"


Stopping events from attributing to current user

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