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newrelic.start(value: string[]|undefined)

Browser API used to start agent features when running in a deferred state.


  • Browser Lite, Pro, or Pro+SPA agent (v1.239.0 or higher)


    The configuration required to use this API is not currently connected to the larger deployment system within New Relic. As such, calling this API will only have an effect in copy/paste or npm browser installations until further changes are made.


Features can be loaded in a deferred state, which can be controlled by setting the appropriate features' autoStart property to false in the configuration block NREUM.init.<feature> used by the agent. This feature state means events will be observed and stored in the agent, but will not be harvested to NR1 until told to do so with the .start() API method. See Feature Names for a list of feature names. See Examples for examples showing how to set features into a deferred state.

Upon executing this function with a valid value, the browser agent will start the relevant features that have been deferred by the autoStart: false configuration. If called with no arguments, the method will start all features that have been deferred. If called with a list of strings representing the feature names, the feature names matching the strings will be started. See Feature Names for a list of feature names.





string[] OR undefined

Optional. An array of strings relating to a list of features to be started

Feature Names

  • ajax
  • jserrors
  • metrics
  • page_action
  • page_view_event
  • page_view_timing
  • session_replay
  • session_trace
  • spa

Use Cases

  • You want to wait to harvest data until a user has consented with a modal on your site
  • You wish to wait to harvest data until your site has set custom attributes


Loading all features in a deferred state (copy/paste, NPM)

// Change the init portion of the configuration block to add `autoStart: false` to any features desired to load in a deferred state
NREUM.init = {
// feature configurations
ajax: {autoStart: false},
jserrors: {autoStart: false},
metrics: {autoStart: false},
page_action: {autoStart: false},
page_view_event: {autoStart: false},
page_view_timing: {autoStart: false},
session_replay: {autoStart: false},
session_trace: {autoStart: false},
spa: {autoStart: false},
// other configurations
// ...

"Starting" a list of deferred features

newrelic.start(['ajax', 'jserrors', 'page_action'])
// ajax, jserrors, and page_action features will now start harvesting

"Starting" all deferred features

// all deferred features in the agent will now start harvesting
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