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interaction (browser SPA API)



Returns a new API object that is bound to the current SPA interaction.


Agent version nr-963 or higher.


The SPA monitoring interaction() call returns a new API object that is bound to the current interaction.

  • New interaction: If the API calls it when New Relic is not currently monitoring an interaction, a new interaction is created.
  • New object: If the API calls it again within the same interaction, a new object referencing the current interaction is created.


The parameters depend on the specific SPA interaction API call.

Return values

This method returns an API object that is bound to a specific BrowserInteraction event. Each time this method is called for the same BrowserInteraction, a new object is created, but it still references the same interaction.


SPA API methods can be used on newrelic.interaction(). The methods can also be used on a handle you assign with a variable. For example:

myInteraction = newrelic.interaction()

The named handle can be saved and used from outside an interaction, but methods will have no effect after the interaction has ended.

For more help

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