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save (SPA API)


To use this API, you need the Browser Pro+SPA edition of the browser agent.



Ensures a SPA browser interaction will be saved when it ends.


Agent version nr-963 or higher.


This SPA method ensures a browser interaction will be saved when it ends. Normally an interaction is only saved and sent to New Relic if it is an initial page load or if it results in a URL or hash change. You must call this method to override this behavior and guarantee the interaction will be recorded.

Return values

This method returns the same API object created by interaction(), which is associated with a BrowserInteraction event.


window.addEventListener('scroll', () => {
if (atBottomOfPage()) {
newrelic.interaction() // Start monitoring this interaction.
.setName('loadNextPage') // Set name of interaction.
.save(); // Ensure that this interaction will be saved as a BrowserInteraction event when it ends.
loadNextPage(); // Start loading the next page.
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