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Dojo.io integration

With the help of New Relic's Dojo dashboard, you can track your application's core web vitals, how much time your users spend on your site, and critical browser performance metrics like initial page load and pages with Javascript errors. Built with our agent, the Dojo dashboard lets you view all your most important data in one place.

Install the infrastructure agent (optional)

While our Dojo integration isn't built with our infrastructure agent, we recommend installing it if you want performance data about your hosts. You can install the infrastructure agent two different ways:

Install the browser agent

  1. Install our browser agent by going to our install launcher and clicking Browser monitoring.
  2. Select your account and follow the instructions in the UI.
  3. Install the pre-built Dojo dashboard on the Dojo instant observability page

What's next?

With the browser agent installed and instrumented with your app, you can then view your raw data in Metrics & events. The default transform the raw data into charts and graphs that provide a high level view of your system's health. To install our default dashboards, go to our instant observability page

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