View an x-ray session

After you start a New Relic APM x-ray session ( or > Key transactions > (select a key transaction) > x-ray), New Relic will collect up to 100 transaction traces and a thread profile for your key transaction. Collection automatically stops based on the options you select.

Access to this feature depends on your subscription level.

Viewing the x-ray sessions index

Every ten seconds the x-ray sessions index refreshes automatically. The x-ray sessions index (newest to oldest) shows:

  • X-ray session name
  • Current progress
  • Number of traces
  • Author (email link for the person who created the x-ray session)
  • When the session started
  • Current status (Starting, Running, Stopped, Finished)
  • Icons to edit (rename), stop (cancel), or delete the x-ray session

From the x-ray session index, select any row to view page details.

X-Ray Sessions or > Key transactions > (select a key transaction) > X-ray: From the x-ray sessions index in New Relic APM or New Relic Browser, select the x-ray session's name to view pages for the transaction trace and thread profile results. You can also view the corresponding key transaction or application for the x-ray session by selecting the links at the top of either page.

Selecting the x-ray session's pages

To view an X-ray session's Overview and Thread Profile pages:

  1. Go to or > Key transactions > (select a key transaction) > x-ray > (select an x-ray session​).
  2. To view the x-ray session's corresponding key transaction or application, select the individual links at the top of the Overview or Thread Profile page.
  3. To toggle between the x-ray session's Overview and Thread Profile pages, select their individual tabs.

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