Start, stop, or delete an x-ray session

You can have one New Relic X-ray session at a time running for a key transaction. If you want to start a different one, you must stop the one currently in progress by selecting its status icon. Once you stop an x-ray session, you cannot restart it. However, you can delete it and create a new one at any time.

Access to this feature depends on your subscription level.

Start an x-ray session

To start an X-ray session:

xray_sessions_start.png or > Key transactions > (selected key transaction) > x-ray: From the x-ray sessions list you can start a new session. You can also view a summary of existing x-ray sessions and select, stop, delete, or edit (rename) them.
  1. Go to or > Key transactions > (select a key transaction) > x-ray > Start x-ray session.
  2. From the Start an x-ray session window, type its name.
  3. Select the Requested trace count and Maximum duration, or use the defaults (50 traces, one hour maximum duration).
  4. Select Start X-ray session.

After you start the x-ray session, New Relic automatically refreshes the x-ray sessions list (newest to oldest) and shows your session's Status as Running. It also shows the current progress, number of traces, author (email link for the person who created the x-ray session), and when the session started.

Stop or delete an x-ray session

The X-ray session automatically stops after collecting the requested number of transaction traces or one hour, whichever comes first. You can also manually stop or delete the x-ray Session anytime.

X-Ray Sessions

If an x-ray session's Status is Running, you can stop it at any time. To delete an x-ray session, its current Status must be Finished or Stopped.

  1. Go to or > Key transactions > (select a key transaction) > x-ray.
  2. From the x-ray sessions list, select the status icon to stop or delete the x-ray session, and then select the confirmation prompt.

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