Not seeing data


You do not see data in your New Relic APM dashboards after installing the New Relic agent.


You should start seeing data in New Relic APM within a few minutes after installing the agent. If you do not see data, see the agent-specific troubleshooting resources:

You may also encounter the following issues in APM:

Deleted or renamed applications

If you delete an application from the New Relic APM index, the app needs to stop reporting data for at least an hour before you can reuse that name. It also needs to reconnect with the New Relic servers (be restarted) before new data will be accepted.

The app remains in the New Relic server's cache for an hour before it is flushed. During that time it is marked as "deleted," so no new data is accepted. Also, the data is associated with an executing app that has been deleted until the agent is restarted.

For more information, see:

No connection to server

Your app will not be affected if the New Relic agent cannot connect to the server. Data continues to be collected, and New Relic uploads it as soon as the connection is restored.

While the network is down or the server unavailable, you will see on your New Relic Servers dashboards (at that your applications are not reporting data. This is most evident in the CPU and memory charts, where there will be gaps where data is missing. The agent will continue attempting to reconnect, and when it succeeds, you will again see data appearing in the UI.

During the time the agent is unable to communicate with the server, it is still collecting data. Once it is able to connect again, it will upload the data and fill in the missing segment so there will not be any confusion about whether your application was down or just not reporting data. To save memory, the data will be aggregated and averaged over the period, so you will see flat bars and charts over the period when it was unable to communicate with the server.

For more information, see No data appears (Servers for Windows).

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If you are using New Relic Servers for Linux, see No data appears (Servers for Linux).

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