View your applications index

The Applications index page lists all New Relic APM apps associated with your New Relic account ID. The index automatically refreshes your list of applications every two minutes with the most current health status, events, and performance statistics.

View index of APM apps

To get a high-level overview of all your applications and services, use the entity explorer in New Relic One.

To view your app index, use any of these options:

  • Go to The Applications index appears automatically if you have installed an APM agent.
  • From the New Relic APM UI, select All apps from the dropdown next to your selected app's name.
  • From your selected app's main menu bar, select APM > Applications.

You can also search and sort the indexed list.

Use Applications index features

Here is a summary of standard features available when using New Relic APM's Applications index.

If you want to... Do this...
View an app's details

To go directly to the application's Overview page: From the Applications index, select the application's name.


To drill down to specific pages: On the application's row, select End user, Page views, App server, Throughput, or Error %.

Find an app in the index

Use any of these options as applicable:

  • Use the search (magnifying glass) function at the top of the index.
  • Filter or roll up the index by category or label.
  • Use the pagination functions at the bottom of the index.
Identify the app's New Relic agent if available

Mouse over the app's name in the index.

View details about a recent event or alert From the Recent events list, select the link for the event or alert. For more information, see View an app's alert information.
Find out why an app's health status is gray

If no data is reported for an app, select troubleshoot.

APM app index: troubleshoot
Delete an app from the index

To delete an app completely:

  1. Ensure its color-coded health status is gray.
  2. Select the app's gear icon.
  3. Select Delete app.
APM app index: gear icon

For more information, check out New Relic University’s tutorial Application list view. Or, go directly to the full online course Getting started with APM.

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