External services page

External service instrumentation captures calls to out-of-process services such as web services, resources in the cloud, and any other network calls. (It does not include other first class back-end components such as MemCache and the database itself.) New Relic APM's External services page provides charts with your top five external services by response time and external calls per minute. You can also sort the list of external services by slowest average response time, most time consuming, or highest throughput (requests per minute).

For more information, check out the New Relic University tutorial APM external services dashboard. Or, go directly to the full online course Navigating APM.

View out-of-process services for your app

To view external services for your app:

  1. Go to rpm.newrelic.com/apm > (select an app) > Monitoring > External services.
  2. To view detailed information about a service, select its name.

Use any of New Relic's standard user interface functions to drill down into detailed information.

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