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Kubernetes Summary page

The Kubernetes APM Summary page provides general information about the selected application, including the age of the current deployment, the number of pods available, CPU and memory usage, pod logs, and metric comparison.

one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > APM & Services > (selected app) > Kubernetes


To get a high-level overview of all your applications and services, use our entity explorer.

Monitor the deployment of your Kubernetes cluster

The Kubernetes page in APM offers the following information about your application:

You can surface Kubernetes metadata and link it to your APM agents. The MutatingAdmissionWebhook is used to add the required environment variables to Pods. APM uses injected environment variables to display the specific Kubernetes deployment information related to that APM application.

New Relic's metadata injection is automatically added during the installation of New Relic's Kubernetes integration through the newrelic-metadata-injection label. For more information, see how to link your applications to Kubernetes.

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