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No data appears (Ruby)


After installing the New Relic Ruby agent, generating some traffic, and waiting five minutes, no data appears in your New Relic UI.


To troubleshoot missing data:

  1. Verify your config file:

  2. Restart your web server.

  3. Use New Relic Diagnostics to try to automatically identify the issue.

  4. Examine the agent's log file at log/newrelic_agent.log for any errors or warnings that show up upon restarting your application server processes. If this log file isn't present or isn't being written to, see No log file.

  5. Check the New Relic agent log for an entry that has INFO : Reporting to: followed by a URL. Ensure that URL matches the account and application you are viewing in the New Relic UI.

  6. Ensure the New Relic agent is configured to start in the environment you're deploying to. For more information, see Controlling when the Ruby agent starts.

  7. If no errors are obvious at the info level, generate detailed debug logs.

  8. Try updating to the latest version of the newrelic_rpm gem.

  9. If you are using something other than Rails, set RACK_ENV to an environment appearing in the newrelic.yml file, such as development or production.

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