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Redis instrumentation

The New Relic Ruby agent automatically instruments the Redis gem (gem version 3.0.0 or higher). After you install the agent and generate traffic for your app, you can view Redis operations on the APM Summary page, on the Databases page, and in transaction traces. For example, the main chart on the APM Summary page will show color-coded Redis information.


Redis instrumentation requires Ruby agent version 3.13.0 or higher.

Interaction with newrelic-redis

The third-party newrelic-redis gem provides Redis instrumentation support as an add-on to New Relic's Ruby agent. If the Ruby agent detects newrelic-redis, it will not install the built-in Redis instrumentation and will record a log message like this at startup:

INFO : Not installing New Relic supported Redis instrumentation because the third party newrelic-redis gem is present

To use New Relic's built-in Redis instrumentation and view Redis information in the UI, remove the newrelic-redis gem.


Removing the newrelic-redis gem in favor of the built-in instrumentation will change your transaction names. To preserve your existing transaction names, ignore the log message and do not uninstall the gem.

Capture Redis command arguments

By default, the Ruby agent only captures Redis command names. To capture Redis command arguments, use this configuration:

record_redis_arguments: true

The agent limits the number of characters and arguments collected from each transaction trace node. The agent truncates items that exceed these limits.

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