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Sequel instrumentation

If you are using the Sequel database toolkit as your ORM for Ruby instrumentation, New Relic can provide some insight into your application's database usage.

Setting up Sequel

New Relic's Sequel instrumentation is implemented via a plugin for Sequel::Models, and an extension for Sequel::Databases. Every database handle that Sequel knows about when New Relic is loaded will automatically be instrumented, but if you're using a version of Sequel before 3.47.0, you'll need to add the extension yourself if you create any after the instrumentation is loaded:

db = Sequel.connect( ... )
db.extension :newrelic_instrumentation

Versions after 3.47.0 use Database.extension to automatically install the extension for new connections.

Disabling Sequel

If you do not want your models or database connections to be instrumented, you can disable Sequel instrumentation by setting disable_sequel_instrumentation in newrelic.yml to true.

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