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Enable and disable attributes (Ruby)

This describes the properties to enable or disable attributes, and the rules that New Relic uses when determining which attributes to include or exclude for a destination. This also includes a summary of the Ruby agent properties that have been deprecated with the release of New Relic agent attributes.


Use the following properties to enable or disable attributes:

Attribute rules

New Relic follows these rules when determining which attributes to include or exclude for a destination.

URI-related properties

By default, the Ruby Agent reports Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to New Relic in several different places, including the following destinations:

New Relic recommends having these URIs reported, as they can contain useful debugging information. If your URIs contain sensitive data that you don't want reported, URI reporting can be disabled. For example, sensitive data could include email addresses or account IDs. To disable URI reporting, add any of the above attribute names to the attributes.exclude list.

For example, if you adding the following key to your configuration file will stop the agent from reporting any of the URI-related properties:

attributes.exclude: uri

Deprecated properties

The following properties have been deprecated. Switch to the new attributes configuration for these properties when upgrading your Ruby agent.

Deprecated property

New property


attributes.include: request.parameters.*


attributes.include: job.resque.args.*


attributes.include: job.sidekiq.args.*









For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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