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Data stops reporting while using SELinux


Your agent stops reporting data when using New Relic's PHP agent. The operating system either includes SELinux by default or has been added to the environment for security purposes.


To resolve this issue, use any of these options:


The agent's PHP extension and daemon communicate by default through /tmp/.newrelic.sock (Unix socket). If SELinux is not configured to allow the PHP extension and daemon to communicate, this will prevent these two agent components from communicating with each other when SELinux is set to enforcing mode.

In some cases, SELinux can prevent the daemon from starting altogether. Verifying the PHP daemon may be a necessary troubleshooting step when diagnosing SELinux issues.

SELinux is a security software designed to limit the communication of processes on your environment. SELinux is a powerful tool in server security. As such, you should implement and configure it to suit your own server environment.

New Relic does not influence decisions on how to configure your server security or processes you allow to run. We are not responsible for security decisions for your software. You should review your configuration settings to make sure they comply with your own security policies before implementing.

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