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newrelic_get_browser_timing_footer (PHP agent API)


newrelic_get_browser_timing_footer([bool $include_tags])

Returns a browser monitoring snippet to inject at the end of the HTML output.


Compatible with all agent versions.


Returns a JavaScript string to inject at the very end of the HTML output. Use this call with newrelic_get_browser_timing_header() to manually add browser monitoring to a webpage. If possible, New Relic recommends instead enabling browser monitoring via the New Relic UI or copy/pasting the JavaScript snippet. For instructions on using these options, see Browser monitoring and the PHP agent.


Compare newrelic_disable_autorum(), which disables the browser monitoring script on a page.






Optional. Defaults to true.

If true or omitted, the string is enclosed in a <script> element for easy inclusion in the page's HTML.

Return values

Returns the browser monitoring JavaScript footer string.


Instrument a webpage

function example(){
if (extension_loaded('newrelic')) { // Ensure PHP agent is available
$newrelic_header = newrelic_get_browser_timing_header();
// Output to page
if (extension_loaded('newrelic')) { // Ensure PHP agent is available
$newrelic_footer = newrelic_get_browser_timing_footer();
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