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Introduction to .NET agent install

Our .NET agent auto-instruments your code so you can start monitoring applications. You can use our launcher, or follow the instructions in this document to complete a basic .NET agent installation. To learn more about what APM for .NET does, see Introduction to New Relic for .NET.

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Add .NET data

Compatibility and requirements

Compatibility and requirements:

Install the .NET agent

See the appropriate install instructions for your operating system and find the download link:

  • Windows
    • For Windows .NET applications on IIS or .NET Core applications on Linux, use our guided install to get started with APM.
    • If you're on an EU server, use this link instead.
  • Linux

You can find all binaries and packages for the .NET agent in our latest releases. You can also view historical releases in our previous releases.


As of September 2021, a small subset of APIs, configuration options, and installation options for .NET will be replaced by new methods. For more details, including how you can easily prepare for this transition, see our Explorers Hub post.

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