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Install .NET agent for Linux

This document explains how to install and enable New Relic's .NET agent on Linux for application performance monitoring.

Install overview

The instructions in this document are for a standard .NET agent installation on Linux. However, some setups have specific install documentation that you should read first:

Step 1. Download and install the agent


Security notice: Make sure that the location where you install the .NET agent is configured to prevent unauthorized access.

Before you can install, you need a New Relic account (It's free, forever!).

Get an account

To install the .NET agent on a Linux system with a package manager:

  1. Install the agent. These details are the same for all installations using a package manager:

    • Install location: /usr/local/newrelic-netcore20-agent.
    • The file newrelic-netcore20-agent-path.sh is placed in /etc/profile.d, and this will set the CORECLR_NEWRELIC_HOME environment variable on system start.
    • The path to newrelic.config file is ${CORECLR_NEWRELIC_HOME}/newrelic.config.
  2. Follow the instructions for your package manager:

Continue to step 2.

Step 2. Enable the agent

Use one of the following methods to set the environment variables that enable the agent and define your license key. For an ASP.NET Core app targeting .NET Core, use the environment variable method.

Continue to step 3.

Step 3. View your data in New Relic

After you finish enabling the .NET agent:

  1. Start or restart your application.
  2. Generate some traffic, then wait a few minutes for data to appear in the New Relic UI.

If no data appears for your application after a few minutes, follow the troubleshooting procedures. For an in-depth explanation of how to troubleshoot any problems with your .NET agent installation, see .NET agent install for .NET Core: a troubleshooting guide in New Relic's Explorers Hub.

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