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Generate logs for troubleshooting (C SDK)


You encounter problems sending data to New Relic with an application instrumented with the C SDK, but you are not sure what the cause is.


The New Relic C SDK and its daemon have their own logs:

  • C SDK logs: These logs are generated due to errors in how you've instrumented your code using the New Relic C SDK API calls.
  • Daemon logs: These are logs related to transmission of data to New Relic.

To help troubleshoot an issue, we recommend generating logs at their highest level:

  1. Set the C SDK log to verbose level and the daemon log to debug level.
  2. Run both logs for 5-10 minutes.
  3. After generating logs for troubleshooting, return logging for both the C SDK and daemon to their default levels.


Elevated logging levels can create large log files and have a performance impact. Generate logs at this level only as long as necessary for troubleshooting.

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