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Synthetics REST API

Use the synthetics REST API to create and manage synthetic monitors.

Before you start

Our synthetics REST API is one way to manage your synthetic monitors via API but the recommended way is using our NerdGraph API.


To use the synthetics REST API, you must have synthetics-related permissions, and a .

You can use NRQL queries to analyze past changes made via the API.

Monitor types in API

These are the monitor types and how they're referred to in in the Synthetics REST API:

Monitor type

API name



Simple browser


Scripted browser


API test


Use the API

To use the synthetic monitoring REST API, you must have the ability to manage synthetics monitors and use a user key (the REST API key won't work).

This API can be used for all synthetic monitors. (Additional API methods for scripted browser and API test monitors are also available to update the script associated with those monitors.) All synthetic monitoring data is available via the API. API examples show curl commands.

For US-based accounts, use the following endpoint:


For EU-based accounts, use the following endpoint:



The synthetic monitoring REST API limits an account's rate of requests to three requests per second. Requests made in excess of this threshold will return a 429 response code.

Script API for scripted browser and API test monitors

In addition to the general API, there are several API methods for the scripted browsers (SCRIPT_BROWSER) and API test browsers (SCRIPT_API). These examples show curl commands.

Scripted browser example

Here is an example of using New Relic's REST API and the bash script to create a scripted browser monitor.

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