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Introduction to New Relic APIs

New Relic offers a variety of APIs and SDKs you can use to:

  • Send data to New Relic.
  • Retrieve data from New Relic.
  • View and configure settings.

This document provides examples and reference information for our APIs.

APIs for data ingest

Our four primary data ingest APIs are some of the many solutions for reporting data to New Relic. These APIs can be used directly, but they're also the underlying ingest route for any of our tools that use those APIs (for example, our OpenTelemetry integration, or our Telemetry SDKs).

API type


Metric API

Send dimensional metrics to New Relic from any source (including other telemetry monitoring services).

Event API

Send custom event data to New Relic without the use of an agent or integration.


Send log data to New Relic.

Trace API

Send distributed tracing data (also referred to as "spans") to New Relic without the use of an agent or integration.

NerdGraph (GraphQL)

NerdGraph is the API we recommend for querying New Relic data, querying account information, and making a range of feature configurations. To learn what you can do, check out the NerdGraph tutorials.

NerdGraph is our newest API and is our attempt to bring together in one place some of our older APIs, like our REST API. Note that there is still some functionality you can do with REST APIs that can't yet be done with NerdGraph, and this is why some New Relic organizations still use the REST API.


Our REST API is our older API for querying and configuration, which NerdGraph is in the process of replacing. The REST API has some configuration abilities that NerdGraph doesn't yet have, but when possible you should use NerdGraph. The REST API can be used for a wide range of features: for detail, see APIs by feature.

APIs by feature

New Relic tools and features, like APM, infrastructure monitoring, browser monitoring, and alerts, are often used together, and sometimes can overlap in functionality. This is why multiple APIs may be relevant to each area. Some API functionality will depend on your access to features and data.

Account management, admin, and usage APIs

Like any other New Relic product or service, you want to be confident that your APIs protect you and your customers' data privacy. The following are API resources related to New Relic account administration and usage.

For more information about API capabilities, see the specific New Relic API. For more information about New Relic's security measures, see our security and privacy documentation, or visit the New Relic security website.




REST API features include:

Subscription usage (original pricing model)

For organizations on our original pricing model, you can use NerdGraph to query subscription usage data. This can be helpful to see how usage compares to your current subscription level, or for doing departmental chargebacks.

Partner API

If you're a New Relic partnership organization, you can use the Partner API to retrieve data and make configurations.

Other APIs

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