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Use the API Explorer

New Relic's REST API Explorer (v2) makes it easy to test and send requests for any available API endpoint. After you select your choice of functions for the type of API call (applications, browsers, etc.), the user interface provides an interactive form to view requirements and test your parameter values. It also provides a live source of documentation about the API values.

API key requirements

Before you can use the API Explorer, API access must be activated and an API key must be generated for your account.


We recommend using the , not the REST API key, because the user key has fewer restrictions.


  • If you're signed in to New Relic, when you use the API Explorer you can choose your API key at the top of the UI and that key will appear automatically in the Request and Parameters sections of the Explorer.
  • If you're not signed in to New Relic, you can paste your API key into the API Explorer's Parameters.

Access the API Explorer

To use the New Relic API Explorer:

  1. Go to rpm.newrelic.com/api/explore.
  2. From the API Explorer's menu bar, select the account name for your app from the dropdown list.
  3. From the sidebar, select a feature (applications, browsers, etc.) and an available API function: GET, PUT, DELETE.
  4. Type the other Parameters values for your API call. (Refer to the UI for descriptions and requirements for v2.)
  5. Select the format for your request: JSON or XML.
  6. Select Send Request.
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