New Relic Alerts

New Relic Alerts is a flexible and centralized notification system that unlocks the operational potential of New Relic. With a single tool to manage alert policies and alert conditions, you can focus on the metrics you care about most. This includes:

  • Applications monitored by New Relic APM
  • Client-side metrics monitored by New Relic Browser
  • NRQL queries from New Relic Insights
  • Hosts monitored by New Relic Infrastructure
  • New Relic Mobile apps, including external services
  • Monitors from New Relic Synthetics
  • Plugins created via New Relic Plugins
Resolve critical incidents with New Relic Alerts. > Events > Violations: Quickly view your alert violations to resolve critical issues.

Learn about alerting in New Relic. Understand the fundamental principles of policies, conditions, thresholds, notification channels, and events.

Follow alert policy workflow. Learn the basic process for creating an alert policy for New Relic products.

Define alert conditions. Set the necessary criteria for New Relic Alerts to create an incident. Or, use the REST API.

Create notification channels. Specify how to get notified when critical violations occur, so you can quickly fix the issue.

Take action. When you get an alert notification, view the incident details, follow your runbook procedures, and more.