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Prevents the current transaction from contributing to Apdex.


This call suppresses the generation of the Apdex metric for a web transaction. You might wish to do this when a long-running transaction is frequently affecting the average Apdex score for your application.

To un-suppress a previously suppressed transaction, set the flag to False.

You can also suppress the Apdex medtric in the WSGI environ dictinary. To do so, set newrelic.suppress_apdex_metric key for the specific request in the WSGI environ dictionary passed by the WSGI server into the WSGI application being monitored.


Parameter Description



Optional. Default is True. If a transaction's Apdex has been previously suppressed, you can un-suppress it by setting the flag to False.

Return value(s)



Turn off Apdex for specific transaction

If you have frequent, long-running functions in your app that are causing your average Apdex to go down, you can call suppress_apdex_metric where the transaction is being generated:

import newrelic.agent

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