For general information on how the Python agent API calls relate to each other, see the API guide.

Disables Browser monitoring for a web request.


This call disables browser monitoring for the page/request it is called for. This call only affects the current web request and must be called prior to the point where the browser agent header/footer JavaScript are injected. For more on how the browser agent JavaScript is inserted, see Install browser monitoring.

You can also disable browser injection by setting the newrelic.disable_browser_autorum key for the specific request in the WSGI environ dictionary passed by the WSGI server into the WSGI application being monitored.


Parameter Description



Optional. Default is True. Set to False to instead allow browser agent injection.

Return value(s)



Disabling browser monitoring

In this example, you've upgraded the agent and you've noticed the N JavaScript that's automatically injected onto the HTML page is also being injected into every iFrame that is loaded on those pages. This has caused your pageviews to increase substantially.

On those specific iFrame views, you would make this call:


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