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Enables capture of a transaction's query string parameters.


This call enables the capture of a web transaction's query string parameters as attributes. This collection is blocked by default for security reasons. If you instead want to enable query string parameter collection for your entire app, use the record_sql configuration setting.

High security mode overrides this call if it is active, in which case this call has no effect. This call overrides other relevant settings in the agent's configuration.

You can also enable query string capture in the WSGI environ dictionary. To do so, flag the newrelic.capture_request_params key for the specific request in the WSGI environ dictionary passed by the WSGI server into the target WSGI app.


Parameter Description



Optional. Default is True. Use False to disable collection.

Return value(s)



Enable query string capture

Place this call in the section of code corresponding to a transaction for which you want to collect query string parameters:


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