Scriptable Installer

Requires Administrator rights in your Windows admin group. For more information, see User rights.

The scriptable installer serves as a flexible, light-weight method of installing the New Relic .NET agent. It is well-suited for scenarios where it is necessary to script an unattended deploy to a server.

Scriptable installer package

The scriptable installer package contains script to install and uninstall the agent from a system. To get started with the scriptable installer:

  1. Download the scriptable installer package. By downloading or using this package, you agree to and accept the license terms.
  2. Unzip it using any application that supports zip format.
  3. Open a command shell and navigate into the unzipped package's folder.
  4. Follow the instructions below to install or uninstall the agent:
    Install script

    The install script can be used to perform a new install or an upgrade install of the .NET Agent.

    Basic install

    Execute the following command to install or upgrade the .NET Agent. The installer will invoke an IIS reset to enable the agent to instrument your apps immediately. If you do not want the installer to perform an IIS reset, see the Install options.

    .\install.cmd -LicenseKey <your_license_key>

    As long as your app is receiving traffic, data should appear within a few minutes. If not, see No data appears.

    Install options

    The following options are available for the installation procedure:

    Install option Description
    LicenseKey Your New Relic license key.
    NoIISReset Use this option to prevent the installer from initiating an IIS reset. An IIS reset will need to be done manually before any IIS hosted applications will be instrumented.
    InstrumentAll By default, the .NET Agent will instrument all IIS hosted applications. Use this option to enable instrumentation of other types of applications.
    InstallPath Use this option to choose a different installation location. The default install location is: C:\Program Files\New Relic

    For any of the install options, use the following command:

    install.cmd -LicenseKey < your_license_key> [-NoIISReset] [-InstrumentAll] [-InstallPath <path_to_install>]
    Uninstall script

    The uninstall script removes the .NET Agent.

    Basic uninstall

    Execute the following command to uninstall the .NET Agent


    Uninstall options

    The following options are available for the uninstallation procedure:

    Option Description
    Force Use this option to force an uninstall without prompting to restart IIS.

For more help

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