Install the .NET agent

Requires Administrator rights in your Windows admin group. For more information, see User rights.

Here are steps and tips to get you going with the New Relic .NET agent. For more information about compatibility and requirements, see Compatibility and requirements for the .NET agent.

Installing on Azure? Follow these Azure-specific installation procedures.

Standard installation


[video link] For an overview of the .NET installation process, watch this New Relic video (approximately 3 minutes). View more videos and tutorials at

To install the .NET agent:

  1. If possible, stop IIS before installing the agent. Otherwise, you will probably need to restart your system to finish the installation.
  2. Download and run the appropriate install package for your architecture:

  3. When prompted, enter your New Relic license key (your license key is accessible from the Account settings page).
  4. Change the default application name to a meaningful name.
  5. Restart IIS to complete the installation process.

As long as your app is receiving traffic, data should appear within a few minutes. If not, see No data appears.

Manual installation

If you want to do a "silent" (manual) installation, you can use the following command (INSTALLLEVEL=50 for a complete installation or INSTALLLEVEL=1 for a default installation):

msiexec.exe /i C:\NewRelicAgent_xxxx.msi /qb NR_LICENSE_KEY=<license key> INSTALLLEVEL=1

Alternatively, you can use ADDLOCAL to install a customized set of features:

msiexec.exe /i C:\NewRelicAgent_xxxx.msi /qb NR_LICENSE_KEY=<license key> ADDLOCAL=ProgramsFeature,AllAppsEnvironmentFeature,IISRegistryFeature,ToolsShortcutFeature

Features you can add with ADDLOCAL include:

ADDLOCAL Additional features
  • ApiFeature
  • ProgramsFeature (default)
  • AllAppsEnvironmentFeature
  • IISRegistryFeature (default)
ToolsFeature ToolsShortcutFeature (default)

Stop IIS before installing

After installation finishes, the installer may prompt that a restart is required. Recommendation: Stop IIS before running the installer. Then, you can start IIS when the installer is complete.

Once IIS has restarted, the New Relic agent will monitor all application requests sent through the server. Data should appear in the New Relic user interface 2 to 3 minutes after the first web request.

For more help

Additional documentation resources include:

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