New Relic agent and plugin end of life policy

Effective January 1, 2015 New Relic supports Products for a maximum of three years. "Products" include version releases of New Relic language agents, server agents, mobile monitoring agents, SDKs, plugins, and other New Relic products.

New Relic Servers and legacy alerting will reach end of life in May of 2018. To transition to New Relic Alerts or Infrastructure, see the following guides:

Releases after January 1, 2015

All Products released after January 1, 2015 will be supported for a maximum of three years beyond the release date. When Products reach the three-year mark, they will no longer be supported, and they may not be able to connect or report data. You will be required to upgrade to a supported version at that time.

Products may reach end of life earlier than three years for critical issues such as security patches or excessive overhead.

New Relic recommends that you keep Products up to date to avoid reaching an end of life situation.

Releases before January 1, 2015

As Products released prior to January 1, 2015 reach the three-year mark, New Relic may begin to implement this policy and discontinue support.

End of life agent versions

This is a partial list of New Relic Products that are no longer supported. Information will be updated as it becomes available.

Agent End of life Comments
Ruby 26 Jan. 2015 Deprecated versions no longer supported prior to Ruby agent 3.5.3

For more help

Additional documentation resources include Release notes (archive of release notes for each APM language agent, mobile agent, and New Relic agents for other products).

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